3 War Soldier

Donald B. Carmichael, US Army (Ret.)


Don Carmichael was a combat soldier in three wars, rising from Private to Colonel.  After he retired from the military, his experience includes: insurance manager, college teacher, television commentator, and a writer.  He is also a family man, who currently lives with his wife, Sally Jeanne, one big dog and six kitties, in Loxley, Alabama.

He continues to write articles on peace and war, as well as speak on military, social, religious, and civic matters by request…..most available on this site.

Don holds a B.S. degree from UCLA, Masters Credits from SF State, and a teaching credential from University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

Don authored a trilogy on WWII, Korea and Vietnam, a memoir on God and civilizations in conflict (Promise and Providence).

Much of what you find here is a soldier’s story and much credit goes to those who mentored, taught and set examples for him, his family friend and soldiers whose leadership and character is the crucible as well as God in his glory…it is their story as well.   “God favors the bold and strong of heart”.

Duty, Honor and Country


“God favors the bold and strong of heart” -Major General Alexander A. Vandergriff, Commander of the 1st Marine Division, to his men on the eve of the invasion of Guadalcanal, WWII.

A written tribute to Sylvia.....
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