3 War Soldier

ALBUMS: War Years


65th Infantry (August 1952 - July 1953)

The lessons of Korea are manifest. But hardly anyone heeded them and out of the carnage of that ‘Forgotten War’ came Vietnam which was strategically, politically, and militarily the same.….this war of attrition and quasi-trench warfare bred by the defensive mode at the end left a bad taste in the mouths of commanders remaining. Leaders like Joe Fix, Dick Cavazos, Dave Hackworth and Jack Singlaub saw the stagnation and deterioration and tried to remedy it. But they were the rare ones.….I realized another war had come and gone for me. I felt in a small way as the soul of the Sixty-fifth Regiment during their most critical times. And fought and endured times with some good Puerto Rican soldiers. I was proud of that.


Korean War